Nothing is a bigger concern for carpet fiber than stains. Help block them effectively with our variety of unique formulations. ArrowStar® Stain Blockers are available for exhaust and topical applications to resist staining on polyamide fibers and preventing bleach fading. In addition, they are sometimes utilized to enhance soil release chemical effectiveness.

ArroShield® BR-BK

Exhaust applied bleach resist for nylon fibers. Protects fading due to laundering with house-hold bleach solutions.

StarShield CLO-1

Exhaust applied bleach resist for nylon fibers.

ArroShield® SB-F1

Sulfonated polymeric stain blocker gives excellent stain resistance with good nitrous oxide stain resistance, for dry cure application.

ArroShield® SB-EXH

Sulfonated polymeric stain blocker give excellent stain resistance, for exhaust application.

ArroShield® SB-MC

Polymeric stain blocker designed for dry cure application, also gives soil release properties to carpets.