Frequently Asked Questions

Where does ArrowStar® conduct business?

All development, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping originates in Dalton, Ga.

How does ArrowStar® manage product quality assurance?

ArrowStar® has procedures in place to QC all incoming raw materials and does a complete QC method on all products on specified stages of production. Following final QC customer is provided with a COA and SDS on all shipments.

Does ArrowStar® have the ability to provide in lab application work for customers?

Yes, ArrowStar® has a full service application lab for many specific uses of our products, and will adapt methods and equipment for out of the ordinary uses. This applies to most wet processing of carpet, fiber and yarn.

Does ArrowStar® provide technical field support to customers?

Yes, ArrowStar® has a strong technical support team providing trouble shooting, dyeing procedure management and product development to improve dyeing techniques. Many of our products have been designed to meet specific customer needs.

What confidence does ArrowStar® have to assure continuity of raw material supply?

ArrowStar® generally has multiple suppliers of most of our raw materials to minimize interruption in product flow.

What can customers expect from ArrowStar® regarding service?

ArrowStar’s goal is to meet each customers’ required delivery times, most of the time providing 1 day service on repeat products, except for those requiring extensive reaction times. We are prepared to be extremely responsive to all our customers.

Does ArrowStar® deliver in company vehicles?

The company delivers chemicals packaged in Drums and Totes with company tractors and box trailers, and bulk shipment in tankers traditionally within 100 mile radius.