Return every employee safely to their families, every day.

Our number one goal is the Health and Safety of our Employees. It comes before everything. Therefore, we place an enormous amount of thought and effort into keeping them safe and healthy. Our Health and Safety Policy applies to all of our operations. It requires everyone working or visiting our locations to adhere to strict safety and health standards.

We have a comprehensive system that drives continuous advances in health and safety, such as addressing the prevention of injuries and illness and the promotion of a culture of safety.

Our Safety goals are set at ZERO accidents and repeatedly emphasized thru the use of proper company supplied safety equipment, operating procedures and a culture of Safety First. We have been fortunate thru this approach to have achieved almost 5 years free of lost time injuries.

Employee health is equally important, and vital to sustaining a productive workforce and enabling our associates to have a better quality of life as well as providing long term for their families. To support that objective, we have professionally led monthly reviews on health including diet, exercise, living habits and individual improvement program reviews. Annually, employees are offered free physicals to help assure their knowledge of any potential health issues. This program has resulted in overall improvement in collective health and reduced medical expenses for the individual and company.

Health and Safety is a way of life, and keeps us focused on the well-being and sustainability of our most important resources, Our People.