ArrowStar® Fiber and Yarn Lubricants for all synthetic fibers are developed with the highest quality ingredients and produced to enhance clean running lubricity in high speed filament extrusion and downstream processing.

Specific formulations are offered to provide lower finish on yarn, especially for solution dyed fibers that reduce propensity for carpet soiling and enhance fiber bundle encapsulation in carpet finishing. In addition, specific formulas are offered for altering aesthetics of staple products and providing anti-static characteristics.

ArrowStar® Lubricants for slit film and monofilament provide excellent processing in Geotextiles and Carpet Backing, and topical formulations are available for anti-static lubricants in space dying operations.


Nylon, PET, PTT

  • Starlube CVB, BTB Series – High processing speed technology
  • Starlube BTB Series – Low level technology
  • Starlube TCL – Low foaming technology
  • Starlube DCL, LSS – Solution Dyed low soil technology
  • Most products can be used either in neat form or emulsion


  • Starlube BSL, SML  – Direct tuft technology
  • Starlube BSL – Soft hand technology
  • Starlube SML – Low DPF, twist heatset technology
  • Most products can be used either in neat form or emulsion

Carpet Backing

  • Starlube BEL, GTL – Fiber extrusion technology
  • Starlube CBL, MBL – Beaming / warping technology

Synthetic Turf

  • Starlube SGL, BBC – Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene technology
  • Starstat A21 – Antistat


  • Starlube GTL – Extrusion lubricant
  • Starstat A21 – Antistat

Space Dye

  • Arrowlube JBL-3 – Reapplication lubricants
  • Starstat A21, AAP – Antistat

PET Staple

  • Starlube USJ – Hand modification technology
  • Starstat A21, A30 – Antistat
  • Starlube OES – Open end spinning