ArrowStar® Non-Ferrous Metal Working Fluids are formulated with quality lubricity additives, emulsifiers, and performance additives to provide superior wire drawing. Utilizing years of technical expertise, our products are designed for extended die life and optimum wire production. After-sales service, such as Solution Analysis, is routinely performed to maintain system and operating performance.

Every ArrowStar® Metal Working Lubricant is specifically designed and formulated to allow machinery to operate at peak performance and efficiency, with reduced maintenance and extended tank life.

At ArrowStar®, we deliver high quality lubricants that are competitively priced, with same day or within 24-hour service to our customers.

Quench / Annealing Compounds

ArroQuench Compounds are for use in continuous annealing of copper wire. High inhibitor content protects against darkening and oxidation of spooled wire.   

Copper Wire Drawing

ArroDraw 7308  Semi-synthetic drawing compound recommended for a variety of sizes from rod      down to fine gauges.  Forms translucent emulsion in various water qualities.

ArroDraw 7396  Wire drawing compound containing synthetic and polymeric friction modifiers.     Forms transparent micro-emulsion in wide range of water qualities; high detergency maintains system cleanliness. Excellent for tinned, silver and nickel plated wire.

ArroDraw 67 Wire drawing compound utilizing a polymeric lubricant package as well as a bio-stable emulsifier package. Contains no animal based materials. This makes ArroDraw 67  the optimum choice for medical applications.  High detergency formula forms a transparent micro-emulsion for drawing rod down to ultra-fine gauges.  Excellent for tinned, silver, and nickel plated wire.

ArrowDraw 69  Full synthetic wire drawing compound.  Effective on gauges from rod to ultra-fine as well as plated wire.

Vanishing Oils

ArroLube Vanishing Oils  Custom formulated evaporating oils and solvent based lubricants used on ferrous, nonferrous and alloy metals.  Specifically applicable to processes where minimal lubricity and control of residual film is required.  Recommended applications include stranding and bunching of wire, as well as light gauge stamping and forming operations.     

System Cleaner

ArroPurge 25  System cleaner formulated for direct addition to spent copper wire drawing emulsions.

Aluminum Wire Drawing

ArroDraw AL 41  Designed for use “as received” for rod breakdown and intermediate sizes of EC Aluminum and Aluminum alloys.

ArroDraw Emuls AL 10  A water miscible semi-synthetic for drawing aluminum rod and wire.  Forms a transparent micro-emulsion over a wide range of water qualities.  Effective for drawing copper rod.  

ArroLube Emuls 79  Semi-synthetic lubricant compound for flat rolling aluminum rod.